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Cross Platform Solutions

Now this is an area I get excited about, cross platform - mostly open source/free software, that once you get used to using, you can use on Linux, Mac or Windows.  What a great idea, why didn’t I think about that before someone else? 

Technically opensource is slightly different from GNU (Free Software Foundation), but both provide free software that you can use.

My Favourite Free Software

Web Browsers

Firefox - The most commonly used browser in the world other than Internet Explorer.  V3.2 slightly faster than Opera

Opera - Gaining popularity.  Has been faster than firefox until recently.  Opera mini is a great pda browser

Thunderbird - By the makers of Firefox, Thunderbird rivals Microsoft Outlook for powerful features.

Gmail - Google mail is packed with features, mail searching, spam filtering.  Free imap, pop, smtp and forwarding is hard to beat.


GIMP - Leading cross platform graphics editor that rivals Photoshop for features.

Image Editing

Audacity - Open source audio editor for linux, mac and windows.  Set this as your audio editor inside Ableton Live etc.

Audio Editing

iTunes - The Apple elegance shines through in this app only for Windows and Linux. Check out the iTunes store.

Recommended iTunes ripping settings mp3 - 192 kbps, no vbr, no smart encoding or filtering

Audio Ripping & Jukebox