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Did you know that Mac’s (Macintosh Computers) out of the box can do a lot, why not give them a go? 

Mac’s come with iLife the software that combines iMovie with iDVD for making movies (go out shoot some footage with a mini-dv camera, plug it into your mac, import, edit and burn to DVD).  Garageband for creating your own hit singles.  iPhoto for organising all your images and editing the photos.  AddressBook holds all your contacts, iCal is a calendar that organises your life.  iSync syncs pda’s, phones & iPod’s (and other things too) to your mac so you can take your info with you in your pocket!   iWeb is arguably the easiest Web Editor you will ever use (yet powerful, this website was created in it).  ComicLife is a free app you can download to create your own Comic strip to communicate what you like.  Mac’s are simple to use, pride themselves on being intuitive, don’t get viruses or spyware (OK maybe one or two, but nothing like the numbers that affect PC’s).  Mac’s these days, run Mac OSX which at it’s core runs on the UNIX Operating System Darwin (inherently stable and efficient).  Mac’s have a beautiful user interface which in my opinion looks much nicer than any of the Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 offerings (without the overhead of running the Themes.  On Windows Vista if you turn on Themes/Aqua on anything other than the latest/greatest machine and everything slows down dramatically.

For all these reasons and more why not give Mac’s a go for out of the box they do a lot.

Mac Solutions